Total SP: 100M
Liquidity locked 100 years
Buy TAX 3%
Sell TAX 3% 
- 1% $ESC Buybacks
- 1% $ESCP Buybacks
- 1% Marketing

Total SP: 500M
Liquidity locked 100 years
Buy TAX 0%
Sell TAX 4% 
- 1%Liquidity and Burn
- 2% Dev and Marketing 
- 1% Charity

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The Burn Mechanism

Our Automated Burn Mechanism burns up to 10% of the Escape Inu LP-Pool every hour. 
When this Burn is triggered by a Sell. 

Even a 1 Dollar Sell can trigger a 10% LP Burn.
Therefore we are deflationary and will continue to rise in value.

Burn Map Stage 1

The concept of burning tokens

Burning in cryptocurrency refers to the process of intentionally removing a portion of the tokens in circulation by sending them to an inaccessible address, effectively taking them out of the supply. This process reduces the total supply, making the remaining tokens more scarce!

This introduces some positive effects:
- Scarcity: As the total supply decreases, the remaining tokens become more scarce, potentially increasing their value due to the law of supply and demand.
- Price Stability: Token burning can help maintain or increase a token's value by reducing selling pressure from excess supply, creating a more stable price environment.
- Incentives: Burning can be used as a mechanism to reward token holders through increased token value.
- Enhanced Trust: Regular token burns can signal a project's commitment to maintaining a healthy ecosystem, boosting investor trust and confidence in the long-term prospects of the project.

To highlight our support for this concept and our alignment with the positive effects, we introduce the Escape Inu "Burnmap"!
This Burnmap has multiple burnstones that each represents a manual tokenburn event, that is executed when a specific Market Cap milestone is reached.
To fire it all up, we will initially burn 2% of the Liquidity Pool tokens, and will then continue in the following steps: 

- 50K Mcap --> 1%
- 100k Mcap --> 2%
- 500k Mcap --> 5%
- 1M Mcap --> 10%

We might implement additional burn events in between and after the last "burnstone", depending on the market conditions.

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All income from the Shop will be used as REBUYS / BUYBACKS (ESC)!

New designs about EscapeInu and Anti-Matrix Designs will be published here regularly.

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